The People's Exchange is published by LaGwana Printing, Inc.
Currently, our advertising paper has a circulation of 16,500. A new issue is published every two weeks.

The People’s Exchange is distributed free of charge to the Amish communities in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.


The People’s Exchange is printed in a magazine size format, is black and white only, and averages 200 pages. The advertisements are organized under fourteen main categories with a total of twenty-nine different classified sub-categories. Some of the more popular categories are Horses, Real Estate, Construction, and Miscellaneous.


In addition to the advertising sections, each issue features a recipe submitted by readers, a daily farm life journal article by an Amish woman in Nappanee, humorous stories submitted by readers in either the “Farmyard Funnies” or “Childhood Chuckles” columns, and an article by the publisher, “The Way I
See It.”


Advertising specific to the Amish community is accepted. Advertisers do not necessarily need to be Amish to participate as long as what is being advertised pertains to the Amish audience.


For example, no advertisements for cars are accepted since the Old Order Amish in this area do not drive cars. The only exception might be when the car is part of a larger personal property auction sale bill that contains other items that pertain to our Amish audience.


The People’s Exchange was started by an Amishman in Shipshewana in 1992. Dan and Dawn Byler, purchased The People’s Exchange in 1997. In 2012 the Bylers merged their publishing company with LaGwana Printing and remain actively involved with the day to day management of the company.


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