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About Bryan’s Sisel

Sisel is a chemical free and toxin free company that quarantines all products for two weeks to ensure purity so that you may have the best products. Start your own Sisel business for extra income and free products. To learn more information, please visit

Everything from vitamins to skincare

When it comes to your health, Sisel values science, innovation, success, energy, and longetivity. We offer a full line of products from our Sisel Kāffe and Collagen B3 to our chemical free vitamins and beauty products like the Exfolium and Actify 6000. More products can be found in the shop at

A fourth time mother was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so she treated it with Sisel Ript, Gold Triangle, Sisel Lean, and Inner Chi. Her blood sugar has since stayed within healthy levels of 80 - 115 mg/dL.

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