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The People’s Exchange Pages are a collection of digital pages that feature businesses across a wide range of industries.

Each business will have its own page dedicated to informing potential customers who they are and what they do; these pages, or online listings, are organized in a searchable, directory format.

By purchasing a listing on The People’s Exchange Pages, you are given the chance to add a digital presence to your marketing strategy. You can make it easier for your customers to find you.

With the search and category features on the website, you can put your business right in front of potential customers who are looking for the solutions that your products or services offer.

What’s Included

You are able to pay on a monthly or annual basis for your own online listing, which is directly integrated on the website. Included are other features, which are listed below:

Tools for Success

  • One page listing
  • Business contact information
  • Business location
  • Google Business Profile
  • Unique URL*

Market Your Business

  • Business description text field – max 500 characters
  • Products / Services offered text field – max 500 characters
  • Limited number of photos (x1)

Fast and Reliable

  • Hosting provided by LaGwana
  • Weekly security updates
  • We handle setup & maintenance
  • Customer service support from LaGwana

*Unique URLs will be on a shared domain and will look as follows:

Always know what you’ll pay.


Template 1

Template 1

Template 1 is a minimalist template that focuses on providing a simple and clear layout to display information.

Template 2

Template 2

Template 2 is a classic template in the style of older browsers and print materials, with a refreshed, modern look inspired by The People’s Exchange magazine.

Template 3

Template 3

Template 3 takes elements from the LaGwana website with clean lines, organic curves, and splashes of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the online listing look like?

Each listing has its own simple page with a paragraph describing the business, a paragraph providing what products and services are offered, and a testimonial. A collection of templates are available for you to choose from. Listings are found in a directory that is organized by categories, much like the organization found inside a physical copy of The People’s Exchange.

Why should I have a listing for my business on The People’s Exchange Pages?

In the modern world, many people are becoming increasingly reliant on Google and the web to find businesses that will meet their needs. Companies with an online presence will find that their visibility is greatly increased as online searches will find their information and potentially bring about new customers.

If I run my ad in The People’s Exchange, does it also appear online?

No! The People’s Exchange Pages are an optional, additional service meant to be used online.

How frequently does The People’s Exchange Pages run?

Constantly! The People’s Exchange Pages is a constant listing that can be found at all times, so long as you wish the listing to still be visible. This can be stopped by notifying the LaGwana Web Department and canceling monthly payment.

What makes The People’s Exchange Pages different from other online listings?

The People’s Exchange has been a trusted source of business information and advertising for almost three decades, and the printed publication is the primary method chosen by many local businesses to increase their visibility. The online listings are intended to be another trustworthy avenue to be used alongside, or in addition to, the printed publication.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

A key strength of The People’s Exchange is that our customers can talk with LaGwana representatives and develop friendly and personal relationships with the people who handle their advertising. That hasn’t changed with The People’s Exchange Pages, and LaGwana intends to continue to respect the values of our customers and maintain our customer relationships with honesty, humility, and integrity.

If you are interested or want more information, call LaGwana and ask for Michael.

What if I want or need to change the information on my online listing?

Additions and/or changes may be made to the listings at set periodic times for free, although more frequent changes may require a change fee. A limited number of pre-made designs are available to get started.

How much does it cost to set up? Are there any hidden fees?

There is no set up fee! Just pay $30 per month to launch or opt to pay the annual subscription fee upfront and receive a 20% discount! At any time, a custom website can be initiated in order to implement more features and customization.

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