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Although the table above highlights our most popular ad sizes at their base rates, did you know that we also offer discounts for running your ad in multiple issues as well as some less common ad sizes? For a complete pricing guide on our popular ad sizes refer to the chart below to see their prices at our different discount levels; with and without adding color.

For less common ad size options and pricing, give us a call at 260-463-4901 or stop in and talk with us in person.

DISCLAIMER: All ad rates shown are per issue, not a total cost per complete run of an ad. 

Ad NameRun TimeColumn InchesDiscount LevelB&W RateColor Rate
Business Card1 Time20%$40.00$56.00
Business Card2-5 Times220%$32.00$48.00
Business Card6 or more230%$28.00$44.00
Quarter Page1 Time50%$80.00$112.00
Quarter Page2-5 Times520%$64.00$96.00
Quarter Page6 or more530%$56.00$88.00
Half Page1 Time100%$150.00$210.00
Half Page2-5 Times1020%$120.00$180.00
Half Page6 or more1030%$105.00$165.00
Full Page1 Time200%$275.00$385.00
Full Page2-5 Times2020%$220.00$330.00
Full Page6 or more2030%$192.50$302.50

Place A Display Ad

Start the process here by just answering a few questions and one of our helpful customer service representatives will get in touch. If you have any images or attachments to send along with your ad, please email them to [email protected].

Of course, if you’d rather talk with a person, feel free to call in at 260-463-4901 or stop by our office Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm at the corner of 850W and 250N in Shipshewana!

Please do not include credit card numbers on this form.